Artist Showcase. Gosia Walton is an artist based in Edinburgh that I met a few years ago, when she made friends with Anaïs while studying at ECA. We talked about designing a website that would showcase the work she was doing using plexiglass. I decided to play with parallax and opacity… Read more



Open Source Project. Digital Postcards is an Open Source project allowing you to share content like a digital postcard. It’s made of a simple Flask web-service that manages postcard details stored in a Mongo Database and a JavaScript module based on jQuery & UnderscoreJS, to integrate with any website. An… Read more



Professional Website. My first parallax website, produced in collaboration with Anaïs Moisy who produced the graphics. This is my sister’s professional website, and was part of the “marketing package” we produced for her. Find out more about the business cards on Anaïs website.  Visit undoo.be Read more



My first Open Source Project. I was very excited when I first heard of Docker, and coincidentally, this was around the same time I was working on a project based on CKAN, for DARD when I was working for Sopra UK. Long story short, on this project I really felt the… Read more



The journey begins. The initial website was initially designed in 2014 using Jekyll, JQuery & Bootstrap. I loved the simplicity and the free hosting on Github! I’ve not been really good a keeping it up to date, and it became a bit outdated. Version two is a shiny new WordPress site, designed with the intention… Read more