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by | Nov 16, 2017

Open Source Project.

longhorn-js-client is a JavaScript Client for Okapi Longhorn API, written using React.js & ES6, and native APIs such as fetch.

It’s completely OpenSource (Apache 2.0) and you can clone it from:

It supports all the API features of Okapi Longhorn
This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.
As usual I’ve used Docker to containerized the application for Development, and facilitate running both the API (.war) and the Node servers at the same time, solving CORS issues etc. by using an Nginx server as a reverse proxy.
I’ve also played with Heroku a bit and their Docker deployment which I really like for Demo.
I’ve deployed a custom build of Okapi Longhorn on Heroku: using Docker and a Jetty Runner dependency.

There’s also various other deployment examples,

The last two use the API from the custom build of Okapi Longhorn with a proxy in the middle to that adds the CORS headers (this is a dirty hack, but it’s just a demo)

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