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Checkout the update of ckan-docker on Github

It’s a big update that adds a data container to the project to store CKAN FileStore and Postgres Data & config.

After a few weeks working with this project for a client, I have realised how important that is and that docker cp and pg_dump are not quick enough to keep your productivity up.

It’s very easy to use; in fig.yml, a service called data is built from the data Dockerfile

  build: docker/data
  hostname: data
  domainname: localdomain

… and the Postgres & CKAN containers inherites the volumes from the data container /var/lib/ckan, /etc/postgresql/9.3/main, /var/lib/postgresql/9.3/main with the volumes_from instruction

    - data

Of course custom location can be set if you decide to use other locations, but I deliberatelly chose to override standard locations by default, to make it easier to takeon by anyone. The locations are identified by environement variables when the image is created, so you would only have to change their values and the value of volumes to match it.

Check this out on CKAN Github repo