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Who am I?

I’m a Full Stack Developer living and working in Edinburgh.
I was born in Le Mans, France. I grew up there, specialised in literature & film studies in high school. I went to University in Le Mans to study English literature & civilisation while working part-time. I graduated in 2009 and worked as a language assistant for a year at Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster.
I moved to Edinburgh the following summer and started a Masters in Information System Development at Napier University. Some say “I found myself in IT”, I’d say I finally admitted that I’m having fun designing and developing, and that it’s a pleasure to make something, no matter how virtual it is.
After countless white nights and the most changing year of my life so far, I graduated from Napier with Distinctions and a few rewards, all set to begin a career in Software Engineering.

I worked at Sopra UK for about 3 years. I started in the Open Source support team of the public sector division, supporting on up to 13 projects concurrently, and actively developing three. We were a small team of about 2-3 developers, providing services to many Scottish councils like Fife Council, Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway Council, but also Transport Scotland and the Scottish National Rural Network to name a few.
After a while I got involved on other projects from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland, and worked on some exciting proof of concepts for prospective clients such as the UK Ministry of Justice, and consultancy piece around Open Data.
My network within Sopra grew and I started working with Sopra France, on the Caisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales (CNAF) Open Data solution. A couple of internal & external portals based on Drupal & CKAN to share data internally and publish Open Data to the public. visit here

I then moved on to a new adventure at Lingo24, as the first developer recruited in the Engineering Team based in Edinburgh. A real full stack developer role within a changing, growing fast pace organisation. My role involved dev-ops, Java developer, PHP developer, UX designer, web developer & sysadmin, and I still gave hand with pre-sales & demos.
In a couple of months we have rebuilt the company’s infrastructure, and are working towards building a robust, scalable and agile application stack, staring with many releases of micro-services integrating systems and supporting our operations internally much as externally. You can use our client-side top-of-the-iceberg web app to order translations online: Ease.

I’m now Head Of File Engineering at Lingo24, leading a global team of specialists in charge of dealing with exotic files or requests coming from clients to be translated. A new challenge in the world of management, with the added complexity of being in a global company having several hubs covering all timezones.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

While I have to work to earn a living (and being passionate about it), my life isn’t just about work.
I’m passionate about people, I love travelling, nature, photography, design, and good food amongst other things.


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